What Comes Next?

This is an interesting question with the customer and the business owner asking themselves that multiple times during the day and or night. Below is the answer from Inkworks.

With trying to remain competitive in an industry that has taken some hits over the past several years with more and more organizations and businesses focusing on using digital emails, newsletters and such to maintain contact with their consumer and customer.

During the pandemic, Inkworks noticed more often that materials are now arriving via direct mail. If we are getting the direct mailings, others must be also. So, we decided if we wanted to make it out the other side, we needed to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We purchased several machines that give a tactile experience known as embellishment to all that hold it. With the idea of showcasing to those that no longer do much actual printing, that there is value in holding a piece of printed material in your hands.


UV coatings are a specialty printing and finishing technique that make your product stand out, including business cards, book covers, invitations, greeting cards, and so much more.

Consumers can not only SEE your printed piece, but they can also FEEL IT, and when you engage multiple senses, they will REMEMBER it.

Inkworks now has several machines that can create some awesome embellishments!  We offer raised UV coating, foil, soft touch lamination, die cutting, along with a direct to garment machine all of which allow us to create unique pieces that are capable of doing small or large runs.

Above picture, shows Raised UV on the back of an Inkworks business card.


If you haven’t already seen the newly wrapped utility boxes on the corners of Main and Fourth Streets across from the library, go check them out!

We were excited to put these awesome boxes together just in time for our Syttende Mai Festival, for what we hope is the first of many in the Art District as well as around the City of Stoughton, WI.

Our goal was to engage the public with some fun, modern and whimsical Scandinavian designs, sending a shout out to our town’s Norwegian heritage. The boxes situated between the library and green space are covered with animals on all sides. See how many you can find! We hope kids and adults alike will enjoy finding all the animals while using the green space.